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Primary Sources

The following sources are organized by time period. Whenver possible, a copy of the source itself will be made available in electronic format. When an electronic copy of the source is not available, information on how to find or obtain the source will be provided.

Sources by Period:

  • Pre-Islamic Era
    • Median Period 728 BC – 550 BC
    • Achaemenid Period 550 BC – 330 BC
    • Selucid Period 306 BC – 150 BC
    • Roman Period
      • Arrian The Campaigns of Alexander, translated by Aubrey De Selincourt, Penguin Classics (1976). Order on Amazon.
      • Strabo Geography Book 11, Translated by Horace L. Jones, Loeb Classics Volume V (1928).
    • Parthian Period
  • Christian Era
    • Sassanid Period 224 AD – 642 AD
      • Moses Kalankatuyk The History of the Caucasian Albanians, translated by C.J.F. Dowsett, Oxford University Press: New York (1961).
  • Islamic Era 667 AD (conquest of Azerbaijan)
    • Arab & Kurdish Period 667 AD -
      • Hasdai The Letter of Rabbi Hadai, Son of Isaac Ibn Shaprut, To the King of the Khazars (circa 960). Text on Medieval Source Book.
      • Joseph The Letter of Joseph the King, Son of Aaron the King, the Turk - May His Creator Preserve Him to the Head of the Assembly, Hasdai, the Son of Isaac, Son of Ezra (circa 960). Text on Medieval Source Book.
    • Turkic & Mongol Period 1030 AD - 1501 AD
      • Bar Hebraeus or Abu’l-Farah Chronography, Translation by Wallis Budge, 2 Volumes, Oxford, 1932.
      • Bedrosian, Robert The Georgian Chronicle, Translated by Robert Bedrosian. NY: Sources of the Armenian Tradition, http://rbedrosian.com/.
      • Friar William of Rubruck The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck: His Journey to the Court of the Great Khan Möngke 1253-1255, Translated by Peter Jackson. London: The Hakluyt Society, 1990.
      • He’tum the Armenian The Flower of the Histories of the East. Translated by Robert Bedrosian. NY: Sources of the Armenian Tradition, http://rbedrosian.com/hetumint.htm.
      • Jalal ad-Din Rumi The Masnavi. Excerpts on Medieval Source Book.
      • Jalal ad-Din Rumi Divan-I Shams-I Tabriz. Excerpts on Medieval Source Book.
      • Juvaini, Ata-Malik Genghis Khan: The History of the World Conqueror, Translated by John Andrew Boyle, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1997.
      • Juzjani, Abu Umar-i-Usman A General History, Translated by Major H. G. Raverty. London, Gilbert and Rivington, 1881. Reprinted as Bibliotheca Indica: Collection of Oriental Works, Vol. 78, 1-3, Osnabruck, 1991.
      • Kirakos Gandzaketsi History of the Armenians, Translated by Robert Bedrosian. NY: Sources of the Armenian Tradition, 1986.
      • Nasawi, Muhammad ibn Ahmad Histoire du Sultan Djelal ed-Din Mankobirti, Ed. and Translation O. Houdas, 2 vols. Paris, 1891-5.
      • Nizami Ganjavi, Makhzan al-Asrar "The Storehouse of Mysteries", c. 1163.
      • Nizami Ganjavi, Khusraw o Shirin "Khusraw and Shirin", c. 1177-80.
      • Nizami Ganjavi, Layli o Majnun "Layla and Majnun", 1192. English translation: Order on Amazon.
      • Nizami Ganjavi, Haft Peykar "The Seven Beauties", 1196.
      • Nizami Ganjavi, Eskandarname "The Book of Alexander", 1196-1202.
      • Nizami Ganjavi, works in Persian online.
      • Paris, Matthew Chronicles of Matthew Paris: Monastic Life in the Thirteenth Century, Edited and translated by Richard Vaughan. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1984.
      • Rashiduddin Fazlullah Jami’u’t-Tawarikh: Compendium of Chronicles, A History of the Mongols. Translated and Annotated by W. M. Thackston, Edited by Şinasi Tekin and Gönul Alpay Vol. 1-3. Sources of Oriental Languages and Literatures 45, Central Asian Sources IV, Published at Harvard University, 1998-1999.
      • Smbat Sparapet Chronicle, Translated by Robert Bedrosian. NY: Sources of the Armenian Tradition, http://rbedrosian.com/cssint.htm.
      • The Book of Dede Korkut. (Kitabi-Dada Gorgud) English Translation edited by Geoffrey Lewis. Manuscripts in dresden and Vatican archives. Order on Amazon.
      • Kitabi-Dada Gorgud (Baku House of New Publications, Baku, 1999, 704 pages). Includes manuscripts from Dresden and Vatican as well as articles.
    • Safavid Period 1501 AD – 1736 AD
    • Khanate Period  1736 AD - 1796 AD
    • Qajar Period 1796 – 1813
  • Modern Era
    • Czarist Russian Period 1813 - 1917
      • Gulustan Treaty 1813.
      • Turkmenchay Treaty 1828.
      • Cunynghame, Arthur Thurlow Travels in the Eastern Caucasus, on the Caspian and Black Seas, Especially in Daghestan and on the Frontiers of Persia and Turkey, During the Summer of 1871 Adamant Media Corporation, 2001. Order on Amazon.
      • Grove, Florence Craufurd The Frosty Caucasus: An account of a walk through part of the range and of an ascent of Elbruz in the summer of 1874 Adamant Media Corporation, 2002. Order on Amazon.
    • 1st Republic Period 1917 - 1919
    • Soviet Period 1919 -1990
    • 2nd Republic 1990 – Present

Reference Material

  • Sources on Azerbaijani History, Baku (1989).
  • Atabaki, Touraj The Baku Documents: A Complete Catalogue of Persian, Azeri, Ottoman and Arabic Newspapers and Journals in Libraries of Azerbaijan, I. B. Tauris (September 15, 1995). Order On Amazon.